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Knee Deep Mp3 Download

Knee Deep Mp3 Download Lyrics

You know sometimes,
You can have a real close friend right,
And she can mean more to you,
Than you can ever imagine,

I got a real crazy story,
About my home girl and I,
Ima be real honest,
Not gone even try to lie,
We were real good friends,
Living and enjoying life,
Friendship so down to earth y’all,
I can call her about some women advice,
Then one day she invited me over,
And I never thought nothing about it,
She said I got something to tell you Zee,
And I’m so tired of trying to hide it,
Things started out nice and easy,
Having a good old time,
Never in a million years,
Have I thought about crossing that line,
She said we been friends,
For more than 10 years,
I wanna know,
I gotta know,
How that thang feel,

She said I’m knee deep baby,
(Oohhh, too far in)
Too far in to turn around,
(She don’t understand it, but she said)
I’m knee deep baby,
(Say she couldn’t help herself, she)
Too far in to turn around,
But wait there’s more,

No we didn’t mean for this to go this far,
No we didn’t mean for this to happen,
I don’t wanna ruin this friendship girl,
Due to some temporary passion, oh,
She said Zee you’re right,
We can just act like we never did it, no,
I said it sounds good to me,
Let’s cut it out ‘for we catch feelings oh,
Some time went by,
Things got back to normal, hmm,
Things got back to how they used to be,
Then all of a sudden,
The doorbell rings,
(This what she told me)
She said I found me a man,
(You got you a what)
And he’s a real cool fella,
(hold on hold on hold on, wait wait)
Yea that’s all fine and dandy,
(But baby look)
But it’s something that I gotta tell you,
(Come in)
I grabbed her by her hands,
(Just,just sit right here)
I told her to sit right here,
I didn’t even have to say nothing,
She saw it all in my tears

Now, I’m knee deep baby,
(How could this happen to me)
Too far in to turn around,
(I’m in my feelings,)
(Damn, she got me in my feelings)
I’m knee deep baby,
(Not me, hell naw not Zee)
Too far in to turn around,

She got my whole soul singing,
(I didn’t know what I had at first but)
Got me sounding like Ron Isley,
(I was too blind to the fact)
(As a matter of fact)
Got me feeling like Lenny,
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
(I was too scared to love you, I admit, I wasn’t even ready)
Got me feeling like Al Green, like,
He he he he he
(But now that you gone, I know what I really want know,so please come back)


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