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Z Ro Rain Free Mp3 Download

Z Ro Rain Free Mp3 Download Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Z-Ro]
I'm a gangsta my nigga from my head to my feet
every since I was a youngin I been livin in the street
keep it movin you don't wanna get into it with me
I can get ya whole family wiped out for less then a G
the O.G. stands for Organized General
I'm still educated and graduated to a criminal
I'll make it rain but I ain't talkin bout money from the sky
I'm talkin about everybody die
I'm the Mo City Don and the King Of The Ghetto
Z-Ro is a one man team in the ghetto
had dope in my palm gettin green in the ghetto
a million dollars that is still seen in the ghetto
I gotta truck full of artillery, ready to reach out and touch somebody
I'm insane in the membrain I don't have positive thoughts
the only thing I can picture is fuckin up somebody
I walk like I'm bad cause I know that I can - I ain't gotta reason to fear it if it's a man
forty five in my left hand, and F - M in my right hand, three fifty seven in my other hand
cause you never figured, you gotta trigga happy nigga you should not fuck with
Happy Holiday to ya cause I'm bout to open ya motherfuckin ass up like a Christmas Gift
cause it ain't no love, no love, y'all fellas was holdin y'all nuts on us
wanna see us doin bad so now y'all can't stand the fact
that Trae and Z-Ro earn stacks back to back
nigga we still in the hood - ride around trippin with the steel in the hood
I remember we use to rob and steal in the hood
I'm a Asshole By Nature I make it rain real good

(Chorus - Z-Ro)
Ro and Trae - Assholes By Nature no doubt
motherfucker can you stand the rain?
cause if we spray these K's, we gon'shut ya block down
Tell me nigga can you stand the rain?

[Verse 2 - Trae]
Let it be known I remember what it was from day one
so I still don't give a damn about nothin out here
I been a Asshole all of my life and I remain to be real, while these other niggas stuntin out here
I ain't never been the one to try and fit in, if I wanna spot I guarantee you I'm a get in
you ain't never seen the type of drama that I live in
I'm a be the first to get the K and pop the clip in
and I got the same attitude that I had last year
if you don't like it fuck you now bitch get that clear
I never let a hoe nigga try to get past here
ain't nothin that you got'll stop one stash here
so I run around feelin like I can't be stopped
ready for the nigga thinkin that he can't be popped
throwin bullets out that's too big to be blocked
in and out of these kind of like birds in a flock
when the rain fallin can you handle the pressure?
if you get wet it's gon do more then stress ya
they can run but they still gon catch ya
better chill 'fore I decide to test ya
I'm in a place that you prolly never think about, zonin - mind floatin in another stage
so it'll be best to let me do me 'fore I click and take it to another page

(Chorus - Z-Ro)

[Verse 3 - Z-Ro]
Leave me the fuck alone I ain't friendly bitch
I roll One Deep in the Bentley, Yeah the Beritz
I damn near broke my back turnin these crumbs into bricks
tryna turn a thousand dollars, out of twenty five cents
it ain't a hood in H - town I can't ride through
manuever through my city with them moves and five tools
they say I'm a celebrity with diamonds that'll blind you
you can see me doin the fast food in the drive thru
but don't try to jack me, I wouldn't advise it
my hammer cocked back I stay ready for suprises
my bond money stay ready to bail me out
whem my home boys sell me out

[Verse 4 - Trae]
I'm a hop in the Hoop like a troop then I shoot like Wade
ain't no tellin how many of these shots I made
it be the same routine when any block get sprayed
when I release the wieght don't nothin get saved
A - B - N is the gang talk to us real loud
you don't wanna make a nigga give it up and go hide
I was taught to never put the bullshit to the side
'fore you start better ask the last one who tryed
it's the T - R - A - E never gon'switch
ain't never been a punk, never will be a bitch
so they better get it right, 'fore I take it to the trunk
and bring the K out and try to leave the whole block blitz

[Bride - Z-Ro]
When I load my A - K, you bitch niggas gon'lay(hey)
When I load my A - K, you bitch niggas gon'lay(heeey)
When I load my A - K, you bitch niggas gon'lay(hey)
When we load these K's

(Chorus Till End)


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